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Dear parents and babysitters,


I'm pleased to introduce myself to you!
I'm Sophie, a graduated psychologist running Nanny Nina Brussels and Oppas Madelief Enschede.

I understand very well that you want to leave your kids to sweet, trusted nannies. It's of utmost importance that you as a parent feel at ease about leaving your kids with the nanny while enjoying an evening out, or being swamped at work.

My job is to select and train the right nanny's that fit our Nanny nina profile. I make it my mission to search for a good match between the family and the nanny. Furthermore, I will always try my best to find a nanny in case of a last-minute request. Or for example try to replace a nanny in case it's just not the 'right fit' or in the unfortunate event that the nanny would be sick.

I noticed in my surroundings that more and more people had difficulties finding reliable nannies. I hope to make this search a lot easier for you. You can always e-mail or call me in case you have questions. I will be happy to help you!


Phone number: +32 487 30 16 92 (NL / ENG)

For last-minute requests: always available for a quick response via e-mail! (NL / ENG / FR)


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Kind regards, Sophie

oppas gezocht haarlem?
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oppas gezocht haarlem?

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 oppas gezocht haarlem?

Why Nanny Nina Brussels?


In need of a last-minute babysitter? We will try to fix it. 

In some cases you unexpectedly have to leave your house for an appointment, or your babysitter becomes sick.

No problem, just contact us and we will try to arrange a nice babysitter.

More information?

Contact me via e-mail:

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In need of a flexible babysitter? Let us arrange it for you.

A date night with your partner or a dinner with your parents/friends/collegues? We will be happy to take care of your kids!

All our babysitters are carefully screened and selected, they all love kids & have a passion for babysitting! Booking via our online system is very easy. Just subscribe yourself as a parent, and you will get access!

More information?

Contact us for a flexible babysitter in Brussels.

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Do you need a fixed nanny? We will search for the perfect match!

Are you running every day to make it in time for work, do you want to work more days a week, or have another reason why a fixed nanny is the perfect solution?

Prefer to have your kids at home (in their trusted enviroments) than in a daycare?

We would like to have more information about your family so we can try to find a good match!

More information?

Contact us for a nanny in Brussels:

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Planning a special event in Brussels? We take care of the kids!

Available for weddings, -kid or -company parties. For every occassion we will arrange joyful babysitters that take care of the kids and make sure they have the best party!

We are really motivated to think with you about possible activities for the kids. 

More information? 

Contact me on

-> or read more about special events in Brussels


Your kid is sick and can't go to school? We will arrange a babysitter.

Your kid suddenly becomes sick and therefore will have to stay at home? No problem: we will arrange a babysitter so you can leave to work without any worries. Our babysitters are ready to take care of your kid(s).

More information?

Contact us:


oppas gezocht haarlem?

FAQ for parents  


What does a nanny cost?


The price of the babysitter depends on what kind of nanny you are looking for. For example: you'll pay a babysitter less in the evening hours than a babysitter that will pick your kids from school and will cook. Our Nanny Nina's have a hourly rate which can range between €8 and €14 per hour. If the babysitter is older, has more experience AND has a medical or pedagogical education, it could be that you will pay a bit more. But it's always possible to have a conversation with your nanny about the hourly rate!



What is a good nanny?

A good nanny is a nanny that is 'the right fit' for your family. Ofcourse experiences and education are important, but the motivation of the babysitter and the babysitter+your family being the 'good match' are even more important. We select our nannies carefully, and we are convinced they possess the right qualities and that your kids are safe with them, but: whether or not the nanny 'fits' the family is another question. That's why we offer a free-of-charge meeting to get to know your nanny.


You can easily book your babysitter via our online system! But feel free to contact me in case you have questions.


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